Project Managers

A project manager for Timbercrest must have exceptional organizational and communication skills, a winning (Go getter) attitude, be personally accountable for their actions, and have an authentic personality always putting the customer foremost and ahead of dollars.

In short, a project manager at TImbercrest Home Improvements is to generate leads, close the sale, manage the project, collect the money for the project, and handle any warranty issues following. These tasks will include: Canvassing, networking, scheduling work with sub-contractors, estimating, making material lists, ordering and scheduling materials, work with insurance, mortgage companies, and/or their agents, maintaining quality control over the project, custom design, and at times hands on physical work when needed. In a nut shell, you go get the work and see it through until its completion.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Drug Test: Yes No
Background Check: Yes No
Are you proficient with the use of computers with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel? Yes No
Do you have physical limitations that would not allow you to use a ladder up to 3 stories or carry up to 80 pounds? Yes No
Are you afraid of heights? Yes No
Are you willing to work Monday through Sunday if needed? Yes No
If No, Explain:
Does your schedule allow you to work during the summer at a minutes notice up to 70 hours per week for up to 3 weeks? Yes No
Do you have valid MIchigan Drivers license? Yes No
Are you 18 years or older? Yes No
Are you legally eligible to work in the U.S.? Yes No
Are you self motivated? Yes No
Do you have fantastic communication skills? Yes No
Are you currently employed? Yes No
If Yes, Where:
Do you have sales experience? Yes No
If so, explain:
Do you have construction experience? Yes No
If so, explain:
Do you have any management experience? Yes No
If so, explain:
With one sentence answer this question, Why would we hire you over someone else?