With Energy Tax Credits and Consumer Energy Rebate incentives there is no better time than now to replace your Home Windows. Let’s face it; House Windows contribute to the majority of heating and cooling losses throughout your home. The majority of single pane windows have an R-1 rating. New double pane windows have a greater than R-3 rating with Low-E glass so the savings from just the windows can be 67% or greater. With all of the credits, rebates, and energy savings it is easy to understand why Replacement Windows are an investment that will pay for themselves and return money on the investment. In addition, they will provide a great new look and feel for your home. If you are looking for wood windows, casement windows, double hung windows, single hung windows, bay windows, or vinyl windows; then set up a FREE appointment today to see what a new Window Replacement will do for your home!

For Window Replacement, we use Jeld-Wen Windows. Jeld-Wen Windows offer a peace-of-mind with their Wen-Lock locking system. The Wen-Lock is an exclusive automatic locking system, which is available for both slider and single hung windows. With this lock, the Window will automatically lock when shutting the Window. It is tamper-resistant and has passed all forced-entry resistance tests.

When purchasing Windows we feel that it is important to buy a big name Window. The big name provides reassurance that they will honor and warranty the windows should you ever have issues with your Windows. Many of the local window makers go in and out of business too frequently. Even worse they open as a different company leaving no warranties behind. When you choose a big name Window your warranty is backed by millions of dollars and that is why we stand behind the Jeld-Wen Window brand.


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“We had very old windows in our home. You could feel the hot air coming through the windows on hot days. Once the new windows were installed, our house felt much cooler during those hot summer days making it very enjoyable to lounge around our home!” -Cynthia and Joe Ropolo -